Service F.A.Qs

I have a jet ski, are you able to do service work on it?

We do not actually do service work on jet skis.  The only thing we really do on jet skis that is service related would be to winterize them.  We do have access to Yamaha wave runner parts and would gladly order you something in, as long as you have the correct model.  We could also refer you to someone that does do service work on jet skis.


What all sizes and engine makes do you do service work on?

We do service work on Yamaha, Honda, Nissan, Johnson and Evinrude outboard engines.  We have two factory trained and certified Yamaha and Honda technicians that work full time.  They will be glad to service anything from a 2 hp all the way up to 250 hp and above for Honda and Yamaha.  For Johnson, Evinrude and Nissan, we do mostly 25 hp or lower motors.  If you are doubt if we will service you engine, either call or email the service dept prior to bringing it in for service work.


Are you able to get parts and do service work on sailboats?

We are not able to get parts for sailboats, nor do we do service work on them.  However we do offer several services for our sailboat customers including; stepping the mast, in or out service, boat bottom washing, and winterization. 


Do you make boat covers or do repair work on them?

Yes, we have a full canvas shop that is able to make anything from seat covers to boat covers.  We are also able to make full enclosures as well.  Aside from doing new canvas work, we are able to have your old canvas repaired.  Anything from doing a zipper replacement to fixing a torn seam can be done in house at our facility.


My vinyl seat has a tear in it, are you able to replace or repair it?

Yes, vinyl replacement can be very costly so we offer vinyl repair services.  We have a gentleman that has been doing this type of repair work for over 20 years come to our facility.  If you have a tear, burn or other damage to your vinyl, we are able to do repair work that costs a fraction of what it would to replace.


What all parts do you normally keep in stock in your service dept?

Generally we stock most common OEM parts for Yamaha, Honda, Johnson and Evinrude outboards.  We stock everything from fuel lines, spark plugs, fuel connectors, props, gaskets and so on.  We also carry oils, lubes, oil filers, fuel products, and batteries.  If we don’t have the part you are looking for in stock, we will gladly order it in for you.


Do you offer any cleaning services for pontoons, sailboats or fishing boats?

Yes, we offer full cleaning services for most types of boats.  We offer pressure washing, boat detailing, and carpet cleaning from spring up until out service in the fall.  In the fall, we offer acid washing for pontoons before winter storage.  We also do standard pressure washing on sailboats during fall out service.


Are you able to get replacement parts for my pontoon?

Yes, as long as it is a Godfrey or Bennington manufactured pontoon.  To order a replacement part, we will need the boat serial number and model.  Also one thing to note is that Godfrey only keeps replacement parts for five years.  Any model over five years old might be hit or miss when it comes to ordering new parts.


What is the best way to have my boat put in and taken out of the water each season?

The best way to go about setting up a time would be to call the service dept or log onto the website and put in a service request.  To ensure that your boat will go in or be pulled on time is to give us a set date a few weeks in advance.  These are our busiest times here and lead times can get up to 2-3 weeks if no date is given.


Do you make service calls to docks during boating season?

Yes.  The fee for a technician to make a service call to a dock is $50, plus the fee for parts, extra labor, ect. 


If I do not boat on Atwood, are you still able to service and maintain my boat?

Yes, we have factory trained technicians that often go to other lakes for service calls during boating season.  We also offer all of our services to customers outside of Atwood that we do here.  Whether it be in or out service, service work, or winter storage we can take care of your requests.


What type of winter services and storage do you offer?

We offer full winterization services.  Everything from motor winterization, houseboat winterization, pressure washing, acid wash, and shrink wrapping.  We also have outside storage for pontoons, sailboats, houseboats and fishing boats.  For a complete list of rates, check out service rates under the service section of the website.